This is a true story that occurred in San Pedro Bay, Leyte early 1945.  John Kann and Joe Sherrill were told to go over the side to  scrape and paint.  This was as punishment since the two had fallen in disfavor with Ensign Treece.  While over the side a bright idea struck one of the two.  Let's paint for sale on the side.  Now the idea would have been mine (Joe) if we got caught, but John's when we were out of danger.  With bright orange chromate, rust inhibtor, we painted the sign in large letters:

A couple of days later Captain Potts recieved a message from the Task Group Commander, "how much do you want for it"?  Captain Potts had no idea what he was talking about and told the signalman to have the message repeated.  It came back "how much do you want for it"?  Once again the Captain did not understand what was being asked.  Repeat the message was once again blinked over to the TG Commander.  This time the message read " I see your ship is for sale.  How much do you want for it"?  The Captain got in the dingy and rowed around to the side and saw the sign. When he came back aboard he swore he would KILL the *$*& person that painted that sign. Thank God no one remembered who was over the side painting, since some were over every day.  It was not until over 50 years later that we ever breathed who did it.  No matter what John Kann says, it was my idea.

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